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Tips For Creating An Authentic Amarrian Character

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Posted 18 January 2019 - 11:17 AM

Tips for creating an authentic Amarrian roleplay character
1) Make your character into someone believable. Realistically, most people out of the trillions of people who inhabit the Empire are common people. Don’t make your character an all-important figure in the Amarr hierarchy. Making a Holder is fine, but they shouldn’t be in a position of power that makes them overbearing. It is difficult for others to roleplay with and isn’t likely to be true in the game’s canon.
2) Think about your character’s life in the Theocratic Empire of Amarr. Think about the parents, and whether or not your character has any siblings. Think about the age of your character. Remember that age is a symbol of stature in the Empire, and that some wealthy Amarrians live to be well over 300 years old. An age around 160 or less is the sweetspot. Many Amarr roleplayers in PIE Inc have an age less than 80 years old. Few are older than that.
3) Consider which planet your character comes from. There are nearly one thousand systems in the Empire, and any one of them could hold your family’s legacy. If you play a Khanid Character, it’s possible that your character would come from a planet in the Khanid Kingdom’s sovereign space. Fly out there and see what you can find. 
4) Normal is good. Normal is realistic. The story of “My past is filled with terrible conflict that killed my entire family, so I’m here to avenge them” is overdone. Also overdone is the story of “I turned away from Amarr, but now I’m back and looking to redeem myself with service to PIE Inc.” Be more creative.
5) You may wish to (but don’t have to) incorporate events from Amarrian history into your character’s story. Example: Elder Fleet invasion of Amarr by the Minmatar Republic. Do some good research and choose an event.
6) Read and understand the rules of PIE Inc and develop your character’s story to meet these requirements.
This should give you a basic outline. From here, you can begin to develop your character’s personality.
Remember that Amarrians are:
1) Pious and religious above all else.
2) Proud. Often they let their pride dictate their actions. 
3) Sometimes pompous. 

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