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Ziik - Surv/MM Hunter

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#1 Ziik

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Posted 10 April 2015 - 01:17 AM

Hi All.

My name is Ziik, I'm 24 and from Yorkshire, England.  I'm currently bouncing between Survival and Marksmanship depending on the fight, and my current mood for farm content, but I can play Beast Mastery if absolutely necessary, but I'm not a fan.


I'm currently in Remnant, as ex-GM and RL, and raided with Elysium for the fight half of their HC progress through SoO.


I'm 1/7M, 7/7HC in Highmaul, and 8/10HC, 10/10N in Blackrock Foundry (because all the pugs capable of killing Furnace, want Curve...).  I got to 9/14HC in SoO pre-Mythic and killed Mythic Garrosh in a pug a couple of days after the change in difficulties (as a Holy Paladin).

I only started playing in 5.3, and once I'd capped, SoO had launched so this was my first experience with raiding.


I'm a Games Design student, so my computer has to be able to handle all the stuff my course entails, making it reasonably strong (Ultra settings, 50 FPS etc) and I use Fiber Optic broadband so it's 'usually' really good (I can't vouch for Virgin Media on that, I'm afraid).  My /played on this particular character is 21 days, but I had roughly 2 days on him before WoD launched, which was almost exclusively my levelling time with him and a couple of Ordos pokes when I got bored.


Unfortunately, I don't already know anybody within Pi, however I'm hoping that will change with getting accepted.


As for finding out you were recruiting, I simply looked you up and thought I might as well fill out an application.


Here's my armoury: http://eu.battle.net...g/Zíík/advanced - and my UI: http://imgur.com/pFG8hSk


Looking forward to a speedy reply.



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#2 Mazuth

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Posted 10 April 2015 - 06:14 AM

Hey, one of us will contact you in game.

#3 Tangizz

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Posted 10 April 2015 - 08:00 AM

Nooooo! He's tauren hunter! I should be your only cow! What are you doing?! /sob