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Holy Priest, Raider Application

Holy Priest Application

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#1 Soulkey

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Posted 05 September 2016 - 12:27 AM

Evening, I am a Holy Priest actively seeking a raiding guild for the coming Legion expansion.
I would appreciate if you could find the time to look over my application and come to a decision. 
- Name and Age.
Scott, 24
- Your Nationality and country of residence.
Scottish, Great Britan (Yes, I have a terrible accent).
- Your preferred Class and Spec. Can you play the other specs?
As I mentioned I am a holy priest, currently spending all my artifact power on the holy artifact. 
Whilst I can play other specs, this would not be as effective as in previous expansions due to the fact that your off-spec artifact is lying in a dusty old corner forgotten about when it comes to infusing it with power! 
- Your Previous Guild(s)
During Warlords of Draenor I played with a guild called Crybaby Raiders, joined these guys towards the end of Mists of Pandaria and everything just seemed to fit. Had no problems with the members and was a member of the core raiding team within weeks of expac launch.
During Mists I raided with a few friends I have met whilst online, burned out midway through the expansion though and returned just towards the end. Finding a spot within Crybaby Raiders and stayed there throughout the whole of Warlords. 
Crybaby Raiders has now sadly died, many of it's members had left during Warlords to continue raiding. I stuck it out and now that the new expansion has arrived I am looking to find a new place to call home. 
Prior to this I have been a member of a few other guilds, throughout the many many years of Warcraft, always trying my best to be at the forefront of progress raiding.
- Your Raid Experience (while content was current).
I have played across multiple expansions and across many different classes, all of which I have done my utmost to excel at. 
Theorycrafting and making sure I have it prepared to the best of my ability comes naturally to me.
Burning Crusade - 
All content cleared upto M'uru... I think... (BT Attunement attained pre-patch removal) this was done within a guild called Legio Sanctus on Dragonmaw. 
Wrath of the Lich King -
All content cleared with the exception of Halios? (Ruby Sanctum Drake) and Lich King Heroic 25man.
Cataclysm - 
All Content Cleared on Heroic until Firelands, during Firelands I took a break from raiding and did not actively return until the release of Mists. 
During Firelands we were raiding Heroic and progressing very well. Rhyolith was a bitch to learn if I remember right... no.. left... 
Mists of Pandaria -
All cleared with the exception of Throne of Thunder Heroic. 
SoO cleared on heroic pre-patch.. never got that mount though. 
Warlords of Draenor -
Highmaul - Cleared, few mythics to mention. 
Blackrock Foundry  - Cleared, again, with a few mythics. (It was around this point I had to take some time out due to work commitments).
Hellfire Citadel - Cleared normal and heroic, I believe there may have been one or two mythics but by this point I was not raiding regularly as Crybaby Raiders had slowly lost it's members.)
- Link to updated Armory. (Remember to log out with the spec and gear you are applying with)
Do apologize but at the time of posting the armory was not available for Legion yet.... 
- Link to a screenshot of your raid-UI.
- Do you have a stable computer and internet connection?
I do indeed, running on a PC I had upgraded just recently on very good Virgin Broadband. 
- What is your /played time on this character?
Time played is currently ; 
56 Days and 5 Hours on my priest alone. 
Across all of my characters (12 or so, it is likely to be much higher) 
- Do you know anyone in the guild that can recommend you?
Ailema (Trev). 
I have been playing with Ailema since The Burning Crusade was launched. 
He's known me since I was around twelve and whilst he also knows my many faults! I'm pretty sure he'll that the one thing I can do extremely well is heal! :) 
As a side note, during Warlords we logged all of our fights. Whilst not the be all and end all, I hope this is satisfactory for previous logs given that all of them are now deleted due to the date :( 
Here is a screenshot from WorldOfLogs last year, showing the "AllStars" section (Players who have repeatedly been at the #1 or #2 spot on fights and have accumulated points across all regions. 
Can see Soulkey slotted in at number 7.
This was during current content of Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul last year. 
More times you're in the top 10 the higher rank you are (this is across both US and EU servers for all Holy Priests). 
- How did you find out we were recruiting?
I mentioned to Ailema if he knew anyone was recruiting for Legion, he mentioned that you guys were on the lookout for players :) 
So, that about sums up my application.
Please, feel free to add me in game if I have missed anything out or if I can clarify anything for you. 
My Battletag is Nuckles#2655
I'm online most nights at the moment given release, but please, feel free to try and get a hold of me at any point.
Thanks for taking the time to read my application and I hope to hear from you soon. 
Kind Regards,

#2 Mazuth

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Posted 05 September 2016 - 07:30 AM

Hey there, we will answer shortly, altough you need to know that most probably we wont be able to do mythic raiding due to number of raiders in guild, altough we will see about that in a month or two.

#3 Soulkey

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Posted 05 September 2016 - 05:17 PM

That's no bother at all, look forward to your reply. 


If there are numbers for Mythic then brilliant, if not then it's not the be all and end all for me.


If there's anything else you need please feel free to give me a shout :) 

#4 Mazuth

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Posted 07 September 2016 - 05:35 AM



Well, no time to waste, poke Mazuth or Korruk in game for a invite into guild!

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