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Application : Idan Amar


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Idan Amar

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Posted 21 February 2019 - 10:10 PM

Captain's Log, YC121? EST: Unknown, Location:Class 6 WH

As I gaze upon this violent spinning pulsar I remember how my father used to say how foolish was our grandfather to change our last name to "Amar" as to prove his faith to the clergy even though we are ancestry of traders and landholders, "The Holders" is how we are known of..
He said that I should remember this as an example, that I need to success on my own without faith or "stupid" morals as he succeeded himself. I was too little to understand what those words truly meant, until now.. As I received a transmission from my brother whom I haven't spoken for decades telling me this:


“Greetings my scoundrel brother, we haven't spoken for years and don't worry,
I don't care if you will even receive this message or if you are even alive you heathen.”


As you can tell my brother went on the same path as our grandfather,unlike me who departed from our family and the way of life I was accustomed to since childhood to explore New Eden and make profit by all means necessary, even illegal ones. the message continues:


“Our father requested me to try and send this to you. Our beloved father is dead, for eternity, died from an old age of 180. On his deathbed he stated his last will for you is to be given a free access to our home solar system for his funeral."


Even though most of my family and my own brother resent me, I decided that I will still come to honor my father, I owe him to that, he taught me everything I know. He always tried to share his knowledge to me as like he saw me as his sole hair, at that time i couldn't care less about the future of our family only about the next adventure.
He used to say about the Minmatars rebel;
“Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder...”

He used the rebellion to amass the wealth and status we have now, truly he have gotten a few enemies from the Minmatars tribes, mostly tribe leaders whom he enslaved most of or even the entire of their tribe.
“Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try it again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb. They refuse. They cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”


Captain's Log, Jan 13 YC121, Location: Sosarir, Thebeka

Blood, blood everywhere.. I can still hear the screams, oh lord! The screams!
I have seen death many times and experienced it many times. But never this close, always dozens of kilometers away in my safe bridge of my ship.
In the middle of the funeral the slave servitors draw guns and began to fire on everyone and everything, they were Minmatar. I should have known! I should have.. But i didn't and now my whole family is dead.
I faint; In a dream i can hear my grandfather saying his liked verse:


"The Lord loosed upon them his fierce anger
All of his fury and rage.

He dispatched against them a band of Avenging Angels"


- The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 10:1


A strange but somehow familiar tall and angelically beautiful human-like creatures appears, wearing white and amber robes and masks of gold and silver.
I hear a their almost angelic voice saying this words:


“You have abandoned the lord and he abandoned you, if you want redemption and salvation, you must join the efforts of the holy empire in the 24th Imperial Crusade..
Remember this:
There will be neither compassion nor mercy;
Nor peace, nor solace
For those who bear witness to these Signs
And still do not believe."


As i wake up, i rush to the escape capsule, on the way i see a fierce battle is ongoing outside of the station, i can see a pure Amarr fleet comprising mostly Abaddons and Arbitrators fighting a Minmatar fleet, probably the same one who attacked my family. This pure Amarr fleet, i can tell this is not the Imperial Navy fleet, i see an insignia “P.I.E”. I begin to understand this might be what that angel in the vision referred to, this is my calling, this is what i need to do so god would forgive me and i will find salvation for my family.

I have decided to bring this logs as an application to join the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, serving the empire and the faith with all of it glory to the lord!

#2 Arsia Elkin

Arsia Elkin
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Posted 24 February 2019 - 11:01 PM

◘◘◘ Transmission ◘◘◘


*The screen focuses in on Captain Arsia Elkin sitting behind a fairly clean, sleek desk. She has a solemn look on her face as she begins to speak.*


"Applicant Amar, please make your way to the office of Captain Arsia Elkin of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris at your earliest convenience for for interview pending acceptance to our organization. Please ensure that you read the PIE Ethos, Oath, and Employment Procedures as required prior to coming."


"If you wish to familiarize yourself with Amarrian history and what PIE represents, you may find these information portals to be of use."

Imperial Symbolism and PIE

Gaven's musings on Roleplay

Praetorian Temple Library


"May His Light shine upon you."


*The screen goes blank*


◘◘◘ End Transmission ◘◘◘

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