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Pie Medals And Decorations

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Posted 19 October 2008 - 06:19 PM

For years the pilots of PIE Inc. have had the ability to earn ribbons and medals in honor of their service to their corpmates, the Empire and God. Due to recent questions about our medals and their meanings I am posting this guide to our PIE decorations and the policies to earn each. This will be updated as ribbons and medals change.

Vice-Admiral Archbishop


Below you will find pictures and descriptions of all medals and ribbons PIE pilots can earn as members of the corporation in service to Amarr. This list will be continually updated as ribbons are added and removed.

There are several types of commendations:


Below are details about each type of commendation. Note in the case of medals and ribbons when an "upgrade" occurs, that is going to the next higher commendation, the old one is removed thus you won't have more than one combat or one bravery medal at a time.


There are four combat medals awarded based on kills/assists. The first medal is awarded after the first combat action by a pilot regardless of the outcome (hence the title "Combat Action Medal"). After this first medal the remaining medals are awarded based on kills/assists.


There are three Merit awards currently offered in PIE. All of these are medals although they have ribbon equivalents and we use medals on the sig cards for now. The first is the Meritorious Service Ribbon I. The MSR is awarded for service to PIE either ingame or out of game which benefits the corp and makes it a better place to be. Almost any action can qualify for the MSR for example maintaining the website, making sig cards, creating a killboard database, creating useful tools or posting multiple guides for pilots over time. While the award is cumulative (usually just one thing doesn't earn it) it can be given out for anything and as both an IG and OOG award it covers "everything".

The second is the Meritorious Service Ribbon II. This is a "repeat" ribbon given when the MSR is awarded more than once. It is an upgrade on the MSR-I and replaces that ribbon on the sig card.

The third Merit award is the Legion of Merit. This award is a lifetime achievement award presented to someone who over their career in PIE has contributed to the RP community and the depth of Amarrian RP. This award has only been presented four times to date and usually takes years to earn. Those awarded this medal have included Kostantin Mort, Ethidium Bromide, Archbishop and Rodj Blake. This award is very rare and hasn't been given out since 2006.


Service awards are presented based on duration in the corp. They are cumulative which means if you leave PIE and come back at a later date that previous time is added in and counts. After five years there are no more upgrade medals as the five year "Servant of the Amarr Empire" medal is the pinnacle of PIE service.


There are four Bravery Medals awarded by PIE to its pilots. In the past there have been a handful (5-6) of battles which have taken place which gained legendary status in PIE and which resulted in the awarding of a Bravery Medal to the participants. The most recent was the Battle of Onga Gate in July 2007. Medals are awarded by unanimous Director approval and are not common. While PIE is full of brave pilots these medals are truly unique in that they recognize an event so out of the ordinary it deserves special recognition.

Pilots can nominate other pilots for a bravery medal in the event of solo action. To do so pilot should PM the Directors (all of them) with a full writeup and comment on the event and why the pilot feels the other pilot deserves the award. The pilot recommending the medal should not tell the pilot being recommended about this as the Directors may not award a medal and we don't want negative feelings. Likewise a different award may be offered if we feel something is deserving but not the bravery medals.

The top two medals the Order of Doriam and the Order of the Amarr Empire (Medal of Honor) have never been awarded. The third medal (Order of Hedrion) has only been awarded twice for major fleet actions and the fourth medal has been awarded 4-5 times for fleet actions. Below are some of the major battles we've awarded these for.

1. Battle of Hek I
2. Battle of Hek II
3. Battle of Ashab
4. Battle of Sarum Prime
5. Battle of Onga Gate
6. 24th Crusade Battle for Kamela
7. 24th Crusade Battle for Huola

These battles all took place against overwhelming enemy forces or other adversity and pilots participating on behalf of PIE performed valiantly with honor against oppressive odds coming out on top at the end of the battle.


Religious medals are awarded for contributions to religious Amarrian RP and for the furtherment of RP on IGS. These are relatively new medals in comparison to the others and have been awarded for stories posted of a religious nature on IGS and the Eve Library forum. This area of medals is a bit "undefined" and the medals are awarded by the Clergy (Archbishop) and the Directors.


Over five years PIE has engaged in several ongoing and temporary campaigns against enemies of the empire. In recognition of service during these campaigns we have issued campaign ribbons when the occasion warrants special distinction. Normal combat operations against enemies and pirates aren't considered campaigns rather they're long-term battles with defined enemies over specific objectives. Past campaigns have included the following.

Minmatar Campaign I - This ribbon represents the "old" PIE wars with Oracle and MM running from 2003-2005.

Minmatar Campaign II - This ribbon represents the "new" PIE wars with UK, EM and others and is basically from late 2005 to current day.

Providence Campaign - This ribbon represents the period including the initial PIE move with CVA to Providence and operations with the Deliverance project to clear the area of pirates including Short Bus Squad and others of the time. This period ran from roughly 2006-2007.

Campaign Against Anarchy - This ribbon was awarded for the Star Fraction wars in 2005 and 2007 when we battled anarchists.

Campaign Against Heresy - This ribbon was awarded during the Verisum Family wars which included the Blooder Wars during the Tetrimon era of 2006-2007.

Providence Reclaiming Campaign - This ribbon represents the period in 2007 and actions to assist CVA in the taking of UK stations and outposts and the defeat of pirates in Providence that has led to the current secure state.

Bleaklands Campaign - This ribbon represents the Defiants Bleaklands campaign from early 2008 and includes current actions in the Bleaklands.

24th Crusade Campaign - This ribbon represents the 24th Crusade (FW) period and participation in FW events.

Because campaigns are "time based" some of these ribbons will never be awarded again and can not be earned today.


Other ribbons are awarded for various activities and accomplishments in PIE. Some of these are for one time events and will never be awarded again while others recognize unique skills or levels of participation. Below are the "other" ribbons currently offered to pilots of PIE. These are all awarded by the Directorate.

Imperial Apocalypse Service Ribbon - The Imperial Apocalypse event occured several years ago and involved a rare Imperial Apocalypse Battleship being returned to the Empire. The forces of PIE along with our allies successfully escorted the ship back to its home and our Admiral Golan Trevize was awarded the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order by the Empire at the time (only twice has this been awarded by CCP - its a prime fiction based award so its a big deal). Those pilots who participated in this return earned this ribbon.

Fleet Command Ribbon - This ribbon is awarded to a commander who leads the Golden Fleet on operations (several). It can also be awarded to officers who routinely lead smaller operations during their hours of activity. Because PIE pilots are across the globe some may have occasion to lead regular "off-hours" ops during odd time periods. It is our desire to recognize these repeat FC's with this ribbon. Note this entails more than leading a few ops what we look for is an ongoing pattern of leadership and responsible fleet command. Because the Directors may not be aware of all fleet actions on off-hours any pilots who believes this ribbon should be awarded should contact the Directors via PM confidentially to recommend it.

Friend of Humanity Ribbon - This ribbon was created to recognize the PIE forces who sucessfully escorted materials and slaves to Port Sanctuary (SPCS Facility). The ribbon has since been awarded again to PIE pilots who aided in the rescue mission over Malkalen when a Gallente mothership slammed into a station. This medal is a true humanitarian service medal and can be awarded for any action benefiting humanity where PIE pilots go above and beyond the call of duty. Occasions like the Malkalen disaster are a perfect example and pilots who know of PIE pilots performing these humanitarian missions should PM the Directors to let us know the ribbon may be warranted.

Order of Supreme Sacrifice Ribbon - This ribbon is awarded to pilots who have been podkilled in action against declared enemies of the empire or pirates.

Order of Industry Ribbon - This ribbon is awarded by the Director of Industry to pilots who make contributions to the industrial base of PIE and/or contribute resources and expertise to supply PIE with the most up to date equipment.


Because we don't hand out awards for everything our commendations mean something and PIE pilots can truly be proud of their accomplishments. If a PIE pilot or other member of loyalist forces or the public recognizes something in another pilot worthy of attention please again send a confidential PM to the Directors of PIE. It is our desire to make our awards system the best in Eve and to allow our pilots the opportunity to distinguish themselves.

If pilots have an idea for a new award it is asked you contact the Directors via PM and suggest it. While we don't want to flood the market with awards we will look at every suggestion and take all recommendations under advisement.

Vice-Admiral Archbishop

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Posted 19 October 2008 - 08:35 PM

Most beautiful, Archbishop. I look forward to these being created in the next patch, as medals are being planned.