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[ooc] Roleplay Request

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#1 Alantar Delastrius

Alantar Delastrius
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Posted 24 August 2010 - 03:46 AM

Hello to whom it may concern. Some of you may remember me as a former member of PIE, I moved on to help an alt but am still very interested in Amarr roleplay. I have the freedom to use Alantar again and am planning an RP arc. I would welcome PIE interaction, although I am going forward with this storyline regardless.

I am still organizing and planning, but I am having Alantar discovering a more complete version of the Book of Arzad. The missing section contains a reference to a lost Gospel that *seems* to reference several concepts that would be heretical to regular scripture teaching. I'm envisioning this concept as a kind of Protestant Reformation for the Amarrian religion. I'm still working on the details, but I have an event or two in mind to kickstart the process.

If anyone is interested in participating, please let me know. I will endeavour to check this post, but evemails directly to Alantar Delastrius would be appreciated. Thanks for any assistance, comments smile.gif

#2 Rodj Blake

Rodj Blake
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Posted 24 August 2010 - 05:46 PM

I'm not neccessarily ruling out any PIE involvement, but please bear in mind that we wouldn't do anything against the Theology Council IC, and OOCly my own personal view is that anything that contradicts PF or plays God-mode with NPC actions should be avoided.

#3 Laerise


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 06:20 PM

In my experience there is no need to make ooc agreements about anything in EVE, and if done it mostly leads to two unsatisfied parties.

Just do it and see how / if a PIE reacts, afterall, if we wanted to read a scripted story... why not read a story? smile.gif

#4 Alantar Delastrius

Alantar Delastrius
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Posted 24 August 2010 - 06:56 PM

All replies are appreciated smile.gif i wouldnt pose any definitive statements that would contradict PF, but i am going to "create" a document that questions a great many tenets. IC, i would believe these to be true and proclaim as such. I was actually hoping for PIE to be antagonists for my character, im sure most of you would disagree with him IC. thoughts?

#5 Mitara Newelle

Mitara Newelle

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 07:14 PM

If you are questioning the TC, the Empress, the Scriptures, or the Empire, it's pretty safe to say that PIE members will look poorly on that tongue.gif