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Admiral Zhuul Steps Down As The Ceo

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#1 Lallara Zhuul

Lallara Zhuul

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Posted 13 September 2007 - 06:40 PM

Amarr system
Planet Oris
Emperor Family Station
PIE Inc Assembly hall:

Admiral Zhuul approaches the podium dressed in full regalia and begins to adress a full assembly hall.

She sighs as she grips the podium and frowns as she looks at the gathered.

'Faith in God and my Duty of the Empire.'

'This past year we have purified heretics, burned the heathens and helped CVA in their Reclaiming of the Providence.'

'We have not faltered.'

'We have prospered.'

'In God.'

'Times are changing, just Faith and zeal will not make us go further.'

'For this we need something else.'


Admiral Zhuul eases back and nods towards Vice-Admiral Blake.

'It is time to promote Vice-Admiral one last time and make him carry the burden of leadership.'

Vice-Admiral Rodj Blake approaches the podium and Admiral Lallara Zhuul removes his rank tabs and replaces them with those of an Admiral, she puts the old rank tabs into a jewelry case and hands them back to the new Admiral.

'The post of the CEO and the podium is yours old friend.'

'I know you will not fail us, or God.'

Admiral Zhuul returns back to her seat.

#2 Rodj Blake

Rodj Blake
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Posted 13 September 2007 - 06:44 PM

I would like to start by thanking Admiral Zhuul, and indeed all of the PIE members both past and present, who have done so much to make PIE the force for good that it is today - the honour that has been bestowed upon me today is all the greater for the hard work of my predecessors.

The work that PIE does is not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. And there is nothing more worthwhile than helping God's people achieve their destiny.

When I look at PIE's past achievements, I am truly humbled to be asked to lead such a noble group of loyalists. PIE was instrumental in cleansing Domain of pirates from Sarum Prime to Misaba. It has been PIE that has been defending Empire space from the degradations of terrorists for over four years. It was PIE that was there when the Ministry of War, the Theology Council and the Speakers of Truth requested assistance.

That work will continue. We shall continue in our efforts to defeat the enemies of the outside and control the enemies of the inside. Wherever we find them, we shall confront those who seek to undermine the Empire through terrorism, heresy or piracy. Whenever the Empire calls us, we shall answer that call.

We shall guard the Empire. We shall defend the Faith. We shall do our utmost to ensure but one proclamation of victory is heard - Amarr Victor.