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Full Statement On The Attacks On Amarrian Sovereign Space By Minmatar Forces

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Rodj Blake
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Posted 11 June 2008 - 10:57 AM

Today's events have left us all shocked.

Just two days ago, loyalist forces travelled to Pator to urge the Minmatar leadership to restrain their aggressive brethren. It is now apparent that not only did our words fall upon deaf ears, but that it was too late to avert the attacks. It is now clear that the Minmatar have been planning to attack for Empire for a long time.

Today, Minmatar forces have brutally attacked the Empire without provocation and against interstellar law. They attempted to catch us off guard. They attacked without justification. They attacked without reason.

Despite our peace overtures, they have bombarded our planets. They have used maddening agents on slaves. They came to our worlds to commit genocide.

War is not something that we seek. The policies laid out by Emperor Heideran VII are peaceful ones, and the Empire has done its best to continue those policies since his death and the death of Emperor Doriam II. As such, let no-one be under any illusions as to who has been the aggressor in this conflict.

But sometimes, even the most peaceful of men must be prepared to fight to defend that which is dear to them. Just as the Empire went to war with the Blood Raiders following the atrocity of Mabnen I three years ago, it seems that once more the Amarr people must confront those who seek to destroy us.

On this darkest of days, PIE Inc. re-affirms its support towards the Empire. Our forces will tirelessly support our leaders. Where support is required, we will provide support. Where relief is needed, we will provide relief. And yes, when fighting is required, we will fight.

We have defended the Empire in peacetime. We have been its shield. Now we will be its sword. We will bear the burning brand of justice to the Matari people, but we cannot do this alone.

I call upon my countrymen to join us in this. Many Amarrians have left the Empire to pursue other interests. To them I say this: now is the time to return home, become a minister of death and bring revenge for this unprovoked attack to the heart of the servants of the Demon.

In the days ahead, the Empire will need every Amarrian. No, it will need every person who believes that unprovoked offensive war is a sin against everything civilized. We need everyone who believes that the savage nature of the Matari attacks deserves justice to join us in ending this threat to peace and the Amarrian people.

I call upon the Privy Council to provide us with guidance in the days and weeks ahead. To lead us to victory against our enemy

By the grace of God, we shall avenge the crimes that have been inflicted upon us today.

Together, we shall prevail.

Amarr Victor