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PAux Caldari Program

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 02:06 PM

PIE Inc. values the Amarrian Alliance with the Caldari State. As such, we are offering a pilot program within the Auxilliary that allows for Caldari allies to fly with Amarr's finest in the Amarr-Matari warzone and learn about Amarrian culture while fighting our mutual enemies. It is our hope that this program will lead to better ties between our cultures. 

Applicants to this program are required to be of Caldari origin and to have shown a long term dedication to either the Caldari Militia, the Amarr Militia, or one of PIE's capsuleer allies. They are required to have a generally positive opinion of the Amarrian Empire and Religion, but membership in the faith is not required for general membership in the program. 

Applicants should follow the normal application process, but make clear in their application that they are applying to the Caldari Program. 

Pilots in this program will be allowed to use Caldari ships and to run missions for Caldari Agents as well as Amarrian ones. Otherwise, they are expected to follow the same rules and standards as the rest of the Auxilliary. PIE inc will not provide Caldari hulls, but the pilots in this program will have access to the standard Amarrian hulls provided by the corporation.


Should a Caldari Pilot decide to convert to the Amarrian Faith, then they will be able to transfer to the main rank track of PAux and advance to Officer Rank. Such a conversion will require the abandonment of non-Amarr hulls.