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110 Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Results

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#1 Rodj Blake

Rodj Blake
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Posted 13 December 2008 - 12:14 PM

As you may be aware, PIE Inc recently asked for the names of those pilots not in PIE who the general public felt had most aided the Amarr Empire over the last twelve months.

We received nominations representing a wide variety of attitudes towards the Empire. We took these and trimmed them down to those individuals who we considered best represent what is great about the Amarrian people and their supporters.

Those who made it to these shortlists can justifiably feel proud of their achievements, be they in the realms of combat, industry or diplomacy.

When the shortlists were passed to the general PIE membership, they began considering the relative merits of each of the nominees and eventually decided upon two names - one for the Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year Award, and one for the Loyal Servant of the Year Award. As has been previously announced, these awards are accompanied by the deeds to Navy Issue warships - the presentation of which will be arranged privately with the winners.

Which brings me on to the winners!

The winner of the Loyal Servant of the Year Award for 110 is a Caldari citizen with over five years flying experience who since he joined the militia has shown himself to be an exceptional pilot and who has demonstated a willingness to work for the Empire with regard only for the objective at hand. He was recently awarded the Kourmonen Campaign Medal by none other than Lord Ardishapur, and it gives me great pleasure to give his efforts further recogntion today. The winner of the Loyal Servant of the Year Award for 110 and the recipient of a Navy Issue Omen is Nephilim Xeno.

Congratulations Nephilim. May this award inspire you to greater heights in your service to the Empire and inspire other non-Amarrians to follow in your footsteps.

And now, the Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year. Whilst the last year has seen Amarrians serve the Empire in a variety of functions ranging from the continued good work in Amarrian Providence, through anti-piracy operations in the low-sec hinterlands, to large scale industrial efforts throughout known space, it is of course the cowardly attack by Minmatar firces on peaceful Amarrian systems and the subsequent response of Loyalist forces for which 110 will be remembered.

And therefore it is fitting that this year's Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year should be someone who has worked tirelessly to turn back the Minmatar tide in the Bleak Lands. As a former member of the Order of the Blessed Sisters of Amarr, this year's winner will have been well aware of the meaning of loyalty when the Empire was attacked and she soon found herself fighting for her people in the militia. Over the following months she proved herself to not only be a capable combat pilot but also an excellent fleet commander, running many successful operations against the TLF and their allies. Like Nephilim, her efforts in the Kourmonen campaign were recently recognised by Lord Ardishapur.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that the 110 Amarrian Capsuleer of Year, and recipient of a Navy Issue Apocalypse is Jodie Amille.

Again, my congratulations go to Jodie. May your successes of 110 be matched in 111 and beyond.

Amarr Victor.

#2 Epitoth

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Posted 13 December 2008 - 05:09 PM

Further congratulations on behalf of Epitoth Fleetyards. As an added reward to Nephilim Xeno of Pimebeka Mining Corp (Since Gunship Diplomacy already have this) Epitoth will be awarding blue standing to the whole corp meaning free jump clones, repairs and docking is available at the two Epitoth stations in Providence (G-5EN2 and Y-MPWL)