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PIE Ethos, Oath, and Employment Procedures

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Mission statement
Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE] is a military organization that exists to support the Amarrian Throne above all else.
Praetorian's Oath
By His light and His will I swear that I will support our divinely appointed ruler in all things. I will uphold Amarrian scriptures and traditions and defend these with my life. I will defend Amarrian civilians wherever possible. I will destroy those who declare through words or actions that they are enemies of Amarr. I will abhor the Heretic. I will act with honor and with decorum at all times, as befits a defender of the Empire.
PIE Inc contract of employment
If you accept employment with PIE you are agreeing that:

  • You will connect your pod only to Amarrian ships. The piloting of ships other than those of Amarr construction is forbidden and will result in expulsion from the corp. Shuttles and ORE ships are excluded from this restriction, however the latter are strictly forbidden from use in any military situation. Khanid designed Amarrian ships are permitted. Ground forces will likewise use only Amarrian dropsuits and vehicles, except in cases where no Amarrian alternative exists.
  • You will not allow your ships to display colours of pirates, heathens, heretics or any other unbecoming of an Amarrian (Current allowed SKINS include the Amarr Empire loyal factions - full list can be found internally here)
  • You will only serve agents of Amarr, Ammatar, or Khanid corporations.
  • You will avoid comments and actions that would embarrass the organization in any way.
  • You will follow PIE's rules of engagement and avoid attacking neutrals.
  • You will follow orders in combat.
  • You will work to the best of your ability for the good of the organization and the Empire.
  • You will remain faithful to Amarr in all ways.
  • You will treat your slaves in accordance with the edicts of Heideran VII and Jamyl I. This means that any punishments must be in accordance with their crimes.
  • You will not fraternize with the enemy
  • You will behave in an honorable fashion. If you are in doubt as to whether an action is honorable, ask an older member.
  • You will not use illegal substances of any sort.

Statement on Finances
PIE inc expects its members to be financially self supporting. Illegal means of making money are not tolerated. This means that piracy, scams, stealing loot in high sec, and other actions are utterly not acceptable as means of making money.
The 24th Imperial Crusade is PIE's primary goal at this time. It provides a good deal of income and is probably the single best way to make money as a PIE pilot. Other methods are entirely acceptable so long as they are not dishonourable or illegal.
Corporate structure
PIE Inc's Directors are listed below.

  • Chaptermaster Shaikar (CEO)
  • Chaptermaster Gaven Lok'ri
  • Paladin Commander Ascentior hon. Fabricator General (Imperial Navy)
  • Paladin Commander Mitara Newelle
  • Paladin Commander Xideinis


PIE Location
PIE members are expected to register on PIE's forums at http://www.piecorp.i...board/index.php
Members are expected to visit the forums on a frequent (recommended daily) basis to keep up with political, military and other developments. Access to the non-public sections will be granted shortly after becoming a Praetorian.
In addition to the forums members are also expected to be present in the channels for any defence initiatives of which PIE is a part.
If they are able, members are also required to use the voice communications protocols that the fleets they are a part of are using. Details will be provided on a need to know basis.
In a fleet, members are expected to follow the orders of the FC at all times and not to question those orders during combat.
PIE is focused on the Amarr-Matari Warzone.
PIE officially has its headquarters in Amarr Emperor Station. Our operational bases change based on the situation in the Warzone.
Recruitment Policy
PIE is an Amarr only Corp and will not accept applications from individuals not of Amarr, Ni-Kunni or Khanid origin.
Potential applicants have to understand and be in agreement with the PIE Inc. Contract of Employment above.
They also need to be in broad agreement with our mission statement and aims and objectives.
PIE inc is not a place to seek redemption. Pilots applying to the Praetoria should have clean criminal records as far as Amarrian law is concerned and have no record of working against the Amarr Empire in any capacity. If a pilot has a record that has been sullied in any way, their application will only be considered if they have clearly redeemed themselves through direct service to the Empire.
Pilots in PIE are in a permanent state of war with the Matari Militia and often several other organizations. If you are not willing to risk your ship and life to defend the Empire you need not apply.
We expect all of our members to take part in the war either through industrial and financial support or active military duty.
Promotion Policy

Promotions in PIE Inc are earned by a combination of time in the corporation, overall activity (understood broadly) within the corporation, and a test of competency and knowledge.

The process works as follows. For each rank there will be a set time in rank that must be reached before a promotion can be considered. When that time has passed, the pilot will be able to apply to take a promotion exam.
The Promotion Exam will consist of three sections: Amarrian History and Politics, Corporate Policy, and Combat Competency. It will be administered through private messages on the forum.

It will be the responsibility of the pilot to solicit a promotion exam.
Out of character comments:
We expect members to cultivate a spirit of camaraderie OOC. EVE is a game and everyone here is here because they choose to spend their time in game with each other. As such, having fun with other members of the corp is the single most important OOC goal that we can have. Try to be non-judgmental towards other PIE members and work to make PIE a fun environment for everyone.
We prefer to recruit pilots who have a minimum of two to four weeks experience in the game although we will sometimes make exceptions if the applicant shows exceptional potential or has a real life connection to an existing member.
Members must be at least 16 years of age.
PIE is a roleplay corporation. We do not require all of our members to have roleplay experience, but we do require that they be willing to work to develop a character backstory and at least a basic understanding of the Amarrian background information and that they recognize the difference between in character and out of character communication.
We do not expect everyone to be an expert at the Amarrian lore when they join PIE. We do expect them to make some effort to learn enough to make sure that the character does not conflict with PIE's values.
Your character is applying to PIE, not just you the player. This means that if your character has major character flaws and they come through in the interview process you will not be accepted.
We do not accept people who have been involved in corp thefts or who use alt spying tactics. We expect that you will not have characters in hostile organizations without clearing that character with PIE's command staff. The discovery of a hostile character that belongs to a PIE pilot is grounds for expulsion.
We expect you to be civil and respectful OOC and IC to other PIE members. If you have a disagreement with another PIE member, bring it to a command officer's attention rather than turning to insult.
We expect that our members will avoid out of character racist, sexist, homophobic or any other form of bigoted comments at all times and in all contexts. If you are in doubt about whether you should make a derogatory comment, do not do so.
Recruitment Process:
How to apply:
Register for an account on this forum. Post an application on the public application forum. This application should explain who you are and why you want to join PIE.
We will then begin an interview by PM on these forums. Note: The interview is primarily In Character. If you are worried about this, we would be glad to give you some resources and talk to you about how to handle Roleplay.
While you are waiting, please join PIE public and get to know us.
PIE Inc's current Recruitment officers:
Maria Daphiti
Aldrith Shutaq
A note on Alts:
PIE expects applicants to be the main character of the player applying. Exceptions can be made for people PIE trusts OOC, but those exceptions require the approval of an Admiral to be considered. In those cases, contact with an Admiral should be made by the player's main character before the application for the alt is sent. All alts should be disclosed during the interview. Failure to disclose alts is considered grounds for termination.


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