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Imperial Symbolism and PIE

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 11:23 PM

The Empire is full of symbols, symbols that we generally take for granted without fully realising their meaning or import. The PIE alliance emblem is one such symbol, something we all see daily yet rarely take the time to consider what it truly means. Understanding that first requires a knowledge of some of the core fundamentals of Amarr.




The First Man


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This symbol represents the beginning, when God and man existed in a perfect union within His creation.

This union is symbolised by an unbroken circle, with the inverted triangle representing the Divine.

All of creation rests within God's Light.



"In the beginning all things were as one.
God parted them and breathed life into His creation
Divided the parts and gave each its place
And unto each, bestowed purpose"

- The Scriptures, Book I 1:4





The Long Dark


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"And they stood before Him,
bathed in His light.
Yet their eyes were blind,
Their hearts rebellious,
And their minds refused the Lord.
Darkness descended upon them,
Spreading inside their minds,
And the flames of the Lord died within them.
Yet one flame remained,
And within this flame, the Lord found faith renewed.
Casting the others into obscurity,
The Lord turned to the one"

- The Scriptures, Gheinok the First 1:3

The circle is broken and man falls from God's embrace, descending from the Light into darkness. The fires of faith flicker and dim amongst man and an age of savagery and barbarism reigns in cold darkness beyond God's embrace. The Divine is eternal and man is not abandoned. Where faith still burns true, God leads the faithful to salvation, and through the Prophet Gheinok our ancestors were guided from the darkness to Amarr.
"Our Lord visited his flock and saw that all was not good.
Blasphemy and heresy ruled the land.
The Lord punished the sinners and drowned them in their own blood.
But the people of Amarr lived righteously and in fear of God.
Thus they were saved and became God's chosen."

- The Scriptures, Book II 2:1
"And so it was,
That Gheinok led his people on the great exodus,
To the land of our Salvation,
To the land of God,
To the land of his Chosen,
To Athra."

- The Scriptures, Gheinok the First 1:32

The Long Dark still exists today, beyond the boundaries of the Empire where in the cold darkness of space, the flames of the faithful have yet to be rekindled.
The Empire

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"The Amarr people came into the world and the world came into being.
Our illustrious ancestors freed their souls from the evils of the old world and created a new one.
The great Amarr Empire was founded to cultivate the spirit of man.
To do so the enemies of the outside had to be defeated and the enemies of the inside controlled.
The Lord gave our Emperor the power to harness the Good and punish the Evil.
Ever since, the Emperor has lived the lives of his subjects and breathed the air of authority."

- The Scriptures, Book I 1:14

The Amarr emerge from the darkness, a beacon of God's Light to all of creation.
Man and God are reunited, albeit imperfectly as many remain to be Reclaimed. The primacy of the Divine is clear, with God's law unbroken in the foreground, and within the Empire those parts of creation resume their place and purpose. The Amarr are given a destiny of faith to spread the light of God back across creation, ultimately ending the Long Dark and bringing man fully back into a perfect union with the Divine.
"Here we are.
This is the world of God.
We are His chosen ones.
This place, this planet of peace and abundance, He made for us. It's ours for the taking.
There will be obstacles and difficulties. That is His test. We must make His gift deserving.
This beginning.
This birth of life.
This dawn of greatness.
We can not fail, for we have the Emperor to lead us and destiny to follow."

- The Scriptures, Second Letter of St. Junip of Aerui
"I give to you the destiny of Faith,
And you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens:
Go forth, conquer in my Name, and reclaim that which I have given."

- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 22:13

A note on the Kingdom: Astute observers will see that the Kingdom symbol is identical to the Imperial, only differing through inversion. The unbroken primacy of the Divine is still evident in the foreground, leaving the difference one of secular authority, now merely a historical note.





Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris

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The emblem chosen for the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris alliance draws primary inspiration from the Imperial emblem.

As with the Imperial emblem, primacy of the Divine is placed fore and centre, affirming our role as defenders of the Empire and through that, God's law.

The heraldic griffon, used by PIE since founding, is also echoed here, with upswept wings in the background signifying our mission and duty to spread the light of faith to all who languish in the cold dark.


"So the Lord sent forth the Chosen,
to bring forth the light of faith
And those who embrace His love
Shall be saved by His grace
For we are His shepherds in the darkness
His Angels of Mercy.
But those who turn away from His light,
And reject His true word
Shall be struck down by His wrath
For we are His retribution incarnate
His Angels of Vengeance"

 - The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 4:45