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Application: Zantiavo Avada

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Posted 25 May 2020 - 11:56 PM

Zantiavo tapped the missive into the application on the digital mail application in his quarters on the station at Myyhera III. A year had passed since his arrival in the Bleak Lands--a region of space few would covet him for inhabiting. But he enjoyed the ascetic life he'd created here. The Bleak Lands offered respite and a stage to showcase the Amarrian ideals he cherished--free of the frivolities that life in a remote corner of the empire showered on its inhabitants or the politics the large Amarrian legions entail. Here he had the chance to influence the outcome of the empire--a chance to war against the encroaching corrosion that the other empires imported into the empire each day.


"Ave SeƱores," began his application. "It is with great pride that I submit this application to fight by your side from the very cusp of the battlefield. From the time I could call myself a man, I have dedicated myself the military life--preparing to defend and uphold the ideals of the Amarrian empire and her precepts of rule by divine right. It is with these values that I aspire to lend my industry to your holy and honorable cause."


Amarr Victor!